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Musical Director & Guitarist

Cameron is a freelance musician based in South West England who specialises in composing, directing and performing scores for Contemporary Dance.

Combining unconventional techniques on the guitar with percussion, vocals and looping, he creates a versatile range of soundscapes that not only suit the needs of the Choreographer, but stand alone as innovative contributions to the field of contemporary music.

Cameron composes and performs with Untold Dance Theatre, Sophie Northmore, Spindrift, Forged Line Dance and Chhaya’s productions, including Falling Light (2014/15), KHAOS (2017-20) and HYMNOS (2019-20).

Starting out as a self taught singer/songwriter from the age of 14, Cameron has worked both as a soloist and in collaboration with musicians, poets, dancers and theatre companies, performing at BBC Studios (London), Exeter Phoenix (Devon), FITIJ Festival (Portugal), The Place (London) and featuring on BBC Radio Wales.

Cameron recently received a Masters with Distinction in Philosophy, specialising in the philosophy of mental health and the benefits of holistic and artistic approaches to treatment.

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