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Are you interested in commissioning a work by Chhaya Collective?

We are regularly commissioned to create performance work for organisations, universities, dance schools and companies, with projects that span live dance, theatre, music and film.

Artistic Director, Kay Crook and Chhaya's Creative Team lead our creative residencies; depending on whether your project is orientated around dance, movement, physical theatre, voice, music, lighting and/or visual arts. The duration of the creative period depends on the length and depth of the work that is being commissioned. There are various packages available, and each creative residency is tailored around your request.

Chhaya has been commissioned to make work for Mapdance Company (UK), PERA School of Performing Arts (North Cyprus), Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts (India), 3Fall Dance Company (UK), Grace & Growl (50+) (UK), The Remarkables (50+) (UK), FUSE Diverse Dance (UK), Somerset Youth Dance Company (UK), Hall For Cornwall Youth Dance Company (UK), SpinDrift Dance (UK), Exmouth College A Level GCSE (UK),  Cygnet Theatre (UK),  Tacchi Morris Youth Dance (UK), Bridgwater College BTEC (UK), FITIJ Festival (Portugal), Lisbon Conservatoire (Portugal), KINESIS Youth Dance (UK), and Rhythmz Dance (India), amongst others.

For examples of our work and video footage of previous commissions visit our Gallery Page below.


1-4 Day intensives are suitable for short choreographic works, and are often booked for A Level Dance, BTEC or GCSE quartets/group pieces and Community Groups. This may also be suitable for a youth company. Intensives come with a daily technique and repertoire session (or warm-up/interactive session) and can work towards a 2-10 minute choreography, depending on the size of the group. Criteria and requests can be sent to the Chhaya team prior to residency.



Our 1-2 week intensives are ideal for delving in a little deeper to a creation period. This is suitable for a range of different groups and is a great way for the dancers to work intensively with Chhaya's movement style. 1-2 week Intensives come with a daily technique and repertoire session and can work towards a 10 - 30 minute production, depending on the group size. For Community groups these intensives can be lead at an open level - interactive and interdisciplinary.



2 week+ intensives are flexible in duration and format and can be tailored for each booking. Our longer intensives allow participants to work deeply with Chhaya's movement style and enter into guided theme-based creative exploration. Creative residencies of 2 weeks+ can work towards a performance and/or training programme, accompanied by a unique range of training/creative skills/ repertoire in Chhaya's daily technique sessions. Contact us with your requests.

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