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Joe is self-taught since a single lesson at the age of 8.  He learned by listening to his dad's extensive record collection and attempting to generate the same sounds on a drum kit.

His interest in rhythmic traditions and instruments from around the world stems from a desire to connect with people, and a love of travel.  

Joe has played with Corinne Bailey Rae, Damon Albarn, members of Tinariwen, classical Hindustani and Carnatic Indian musicians and many others.

Joe divides time between freelance work, playing original music, teaching, working with dancers and as a qualified sound therapist.

"The theme of KHAOS is personal to me as I'd describe reading Women Who Run with The Wolves as a transformative experience for me. Obviously I'm a man, but a deeper understanding of femininity has helped my identity and my relationships with women massively!

Interestingly, it's probable that women were the first drummers - cave paintings give evidence to this, and that culture still exists around the world - in parts of Iran hundreds of women gather to play the Daf in the streets on festival days, for example. "

JOE LOVE: TeamMember
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